Player manager sent off for tackling Borat streaker

By Andrew Jackson on Mar 8, 11 10:51 AM

There's some idiot on the pitch, they think it's all is now!

When you thought that football couldn't get any more bizarre check out the man in black who sends off the Dorchester Town player/manager for tackling a streaker.

The man sent off, Ashley Vickers, said: "My only thought was to get hold him so we could get on with the game. I managed to grab him and bring him to the ground and the funny thing was the stewards actually thanked me for it.

"But the ref decided to send me off and it beggars belief. Their players told the ref not to send me off and their chairman even offered to take a player off to even things up.

"The ref lost the game after that and he knew he had made a great error by the reaction of Havant's players and management. In hindsight I perhaps shouldn't have done it but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I'm sure people will crucify me for this but I have broad shoulders."


ReeseAngie35 said:

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where has referrees common sense gone...if the streaker had remained on the pitch who knows what else he may have done.

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