Boy who rips new trousers tells police a bullet did the damage!

By Andrew Jackson on Mar 23, 11 09:12 AM

POLICE said a 14-year-old Utah boy was trying to cover up for falling and ripping his new trousers when he reported a bullet grazed him.

South Salt Lake police Sergeant Mikael Wersland told the Salt Lake Tribune that the teenager reported the shooting yesterday evening.

Police said about 10 witnesses told them they did not hear any gunfire in the area at the time.

Sgt Wersland said the boy "fell down and tore the knee" of his trousers, but lied about being grazed by a bullet because he did not want to get into trouble.

The sergeant said the teenager only suffered a "scrape where he fell down".

The boy has not been identified. It was not immediately known whether he would be charged with any crime.


says more about his parents than it does anything else. If he was so afraid of his parents over an accidental tear what kind of parent are they.

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