Theo Robinson: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

By Marco 4J on Feb 22, 13 04:27 PM in Football

Exposing the truth and the lies about this most divisive of characters

It seems that former Huddersfield Town striker Theo Robinson is returning to Huddersfield Town. Never, in all my time watching football, have I seen a man as unusually polarising of opinion of Theo Robinson.

I think its time we took some of the things people say about Theo and put them under the microscope. Some may be true, some may be not true. Seeing as he's back, we should know which.

Theo Robinson Needs Loads Of Shots To Score

Tthis is a particularly easy one to check in terms of numbers. Here's Theo's shots per goal over the last five seasons.


It's a nonsense. Five shots PER GOAL is not a lot - particularly note his last spell with Town, too - 3.62 shots per goal. That's efficient in the extreme. More of the same, please, Theo.

It's a....MYTH

Theo Robinson Does Not Score Regularly

Again, there is an easy test for this one. I can draw up (since he was at Town) his minutes per goal tally. He was always effective in League One and, possibly because of his page, but possibly even because of his demeanour, he seems to find himself either being a substitute, or being substituted.


The numbers don't bear it out. He does score regularly. Always has. This season, in fact, is a high watermark for him. It bodes well. If he plays, he scores every 152 minutes in 2012/13. There's a fair amount of games left for that figure to even improve.

It's a....MYTH

Theo Robinson Shoots Too Often And Often Wildly

Another easy one to test. I've got another graph here.


He hovers around 50% of his shots being on target, and that's not a bad ratio at all - if its on target it works the keeper at the very least. That's all well and good, but it might be worth seeing how many shots he gets every game, too - cover the other side of the point.


Now, looking at that, we're looking at a shot every 30-35 minutes, just over 50% of which are on target. Theo Robinson, then, is on course to have a shot on target every match he plays, at least. That is not wasteful, is it? That's a good thing. He generally scores with one of every three of his shots on target, so that averages as, if he plays 90 minutes, a goal every two games. That's not a bad ratio for anyone, is it?

It's a....MYTH

Theo Robinson Does Not Create For Other Players

No graph needed here, I make it 14 assists over nearly 200 games during Theo's career. He will not create chances directly for other players but, in shooting and hitting the target, his shots may well beget chances for other players.

It's the....TRUTH

I have to say, the player Theo reminds me most of is Mario Balotelli. He was never (really) prolific in front of goal, though he did more than contribute, he was very quick, he was good at pulling away defenders simply by his presence, and he was a very good penalty taker. I'm not suggesting Theo is anything like the same level as Mario, but there's similarities between the two. Mario Balotelli, of course, had only one assist during his time at Manchester City. It was that goal against QPR last season.

I think bringing in Theo Robinson can only be a good move. He's an undervalued player in my eyes, and I'm chuffed to see him back in a Town shirt.

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