November Is A Gray(son) Month.

By Marco 4J on Nov 28, 12 01:39 PM in Football

The last few weeks have been something of a disappointment for the Terriers - 3 games without a win is never great, but the points tally is still healthy enough, and I'm not panicking just yet (though I have started to work out how far above the relegation zone Town are after every match - don't worry, I won't start tweeting it yet). There have been reports, I'm aware, of Simon Grayson managing teams that fade as the season goes on.

I dismissed these, initially, as Leeds fans being worried that Town were getting into a gear above them (which is rare indeed - 74 days and counting, and a draw on Saturday would make it the longest time since 1984), but recent results are certainly dragging down the points per game ratio of the 2012/13 vintage of Huddersfield Town and I thought it stood a little investigation.

We've got a few years' information to work on now, so I thought it might be instructive to band the results up month by month to see if there's a tail off after Christmas. Shall I take it to the graph?

12-11-28 a.JPG

That certainly tells a story, doesn't it?

There's nothing in evidence to suggest a regular drop off in that, but I've done another graph dividing it up into its component years - which tells the same story, to be honest - strong in December, and generally better in April and May than January and February, but that's how most teams work - there's more draws in the winter months than the Autumn and Spring months, so the points per game are naturally lower there. There's nothing to suggest Simon Grayson's teams suffer more then than any other time.

12-11-28 b.JPG

Roll on December, then, eh?

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